RingGo® – Don’t leave your sleep to chance

A good day full of energy starts with a good night’s sleep. RingGo® informs you in the morning about your sleep quality with a precise analysis of deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep. You can also display the values ​​for your nocturnal heart rate, skin temperature and blood oxygen content.

Compared to big smartwatches, RingGo® won’t bother you at night and doesn’t need to be charged constantly. Because RingGo® sits on the finger, the recorded values ​​are more accurate than with a smartwatch because the skin on the fingers is thinner and has more blood vessels than the wrist with its knuckles, muscles, hair and possibly tattoos. The closer skin contact leads to more precise measurement data from the sensors and thus gives a precise overview of your vital signs.


How did you sleep last night?

RingGo® evaluates your body signals from heart rate, temperature and movement throughout the night and shows you how well you slept. The app shows you how much time you spent in the individual sleep phases. This allows you to see, for example, whether physical activity, alcohol consumption or a late espresso after dinner affects the quality of your sleep.

Learn to understand your body better and learn more about your healthy sleep.


Heart rate data

Your heart rate is checked every 15 minutes and displayed on a graph. Here you can scroll through the entire day, month and year and get an overview of your heart rate.

Simply compare the data with your other activity data – you will surely recognize the connection between high activity/intensity and a high heart rate and periods of rest with a low heart rate.

Find the right balance between activity and relaxation.


Oxygen saturation of the blood

With RingGo®, it can be quickly recognized whether breathing disorders and breathing pauses occur that can affect your sleep and your health. Neither age nor gender affect oxygen saturation. Values ​​in healthy people should be between 94 and 100 percent. SpO2 is an important metric related to respiratory symptoms (asthma, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea). If the oxygen saturation in the blood is too low, the oxygen content in the arterial blood or in the whole organism is reduced. Signs are shortness of breath, shortness of breath, anxiety and restlessness, cardiac arrhythmias and rise in blood pressure. Monitoring blood oxygen saturation can help with prevention, altitude acclimatization, and detection of possible medical conditions.


Blood oxygen (SpO2) – display in the app

RingGo® checks blood oxygen levels every 2 hours. The individual values ​​can be read on a colored scale over a period of 12 months over the course of the day, month and year.


Keep track of your activities at all times

It doesn’t matter whether you train in the studio, go for a walk or just lie on the sofa: RingGo® records your movements, steps, heart rate and temperature and helps you to define your personal fitness goals.

RingGo® makes you forget you’re wearing a smart health tracker.


Pedometer and activity tracking

Your pedometer works on a sophisticated algorithm that, compared to a smartwatch, has to distinguish the difference between active running/walking and typing on a keyboard. You can see the result in the app using a bar graph that shows you the hourly number of steps in addition to your total calorie consumption.

Intensity of activity

In addition to the pure step count, RingGo® also recognizes the intensity of an activity and shows you the period in which you were particularly active (e.g. more than 1000 steps/hour).


Recognize temperature trends

RingGo® measures your skin temperature on your finger and provides information about temperature trends. The hand temperature is lower than the body core temperature and usually ranges between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius. The temperature at the skin’s surface also changes depending on how well the tissue is supplied with blood. When we are exposed to (chronic) stress, the blood vessels typically constrict and the temperature in the hands and feet drops. This is the autonomic nervous system’s usual response to stress.

In combination with your heart rate data, stress factors can be identified more easily.


Always with you – even at work

Hectic and stressful work life can lead to an increased heart rate. RingGo® allows you to check your stress level and find the right time for a relaxing break. The course of the heart rate curve gives you information about events that have led to increased stress with a high heart rate.

Make RingGo® your personal assistant to achieve your work-life balance goals.


Everything at a glance – APP in your language

The RingGo® APP (iOS + Android) was written in understandable German and is constantly being further developed. New features may be available via updates in the future.

We use well-known cloud providers who store your data exclusively on servers in Germany.

Your personal data is unique – so that it stays that way!

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Classic wristwatch instead of smartwatch – no problem

You don’t want to do without the functions of a smartwatch, but prefer to wear your classic wristwatch?
Combine RingGo® with your watch and make a statement.


Waterproof and robust

For carefree moments in all situations!

RingGo® is waterproof (according to IPX8) and has high-precision sensors for data collection. The operating system (firmware) is kept up to date by our ongoing development and can be updated via the APP with one click.

For long-term enjoyment of RingGo®.


Technical information

  • The battery life is 3-5 days (depending on the frequency of manual data polling)
  • Charging time: 45 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 18mAh
  • Charging case with integrated battery (capacity: charge 5 x rings)
  • Connection to smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth 5.2